Garden City Mall, Lusaka

Garden City is Lusaka’s premiere destination for shopping, banking, restaurants, cafes and offices. A newly built shopping centre with a unique and modern architectural design which is unlike any other mall in Lusaka. Designed with nature and natural elements in mind, Garden City offers you pleasant shopping experience  surrounded by greenery and art installations.

“Garden City Celebrates Zambia” is a three day festival which aims at showcasing all the amazing talent Zambia has to offer. There will be a daytime programme running from 11-15.00, Saturday to Monday with a wide range of entertainment including poetry, interactive Zambian history classes, workshops and live music. There will also be stalls selling locally-made products that you can purchase if desired as well as face painting and bouncy castles for children.

Located just 15 minutes from the International Airport and 20 minutes from the city centre via car, Garden City Shopping Mall is not like any other in Lusaka. Aside from the greenery and the architectural layout, the people behind Garden City have strong beliefs around supporting Zambia. With art installations scattered around the mall grounds as well as an on site art gallery which is run in collaboration with the Arts Council in Lusaka, Garden City are going one step further in demonstrating their appreciation for Zambia.